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A Classical Approach to a Modern World

Speech Coaching and Writing

Having worked with Fortune 500 clients, national non-profit organizations, and successful individuals, a seasoned and experienced speech writer can write compelling words, design stimulating visuals, and coach you or your organization to deliver powerful speeches and presentations.


Training & Coaching

Demonstrate to stakeholders you are a cut above. Trainers work with groups to develop core skills and coaches work with individuals and small teams to execute custom one-on-one programs with measurable outcomes. Executive Coaches provide totally personalized support to mission critical members of the organization.


About Sophistic Media

With years of academic and business experience, Sophistic Media employs communication strategies that have been tested for over 2,000 years and integrates the most recent approaches and standards in the field. Learners at heart, we also enjoy working with students, non-profit groups, and job hunters as well.

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